perccalc Unreleased

perccalc 1.0.5 2019-12-17

  • Correct citation on startup

perccalc 1.0.4 2019-12-09

Minor changes

  • Both exported functions now accept a data frame with any number of variables and only the categorial, continuos and weights variables are used.


  • Depencies purrr, broom and tidyr were removed from the package. dplyr moves to Suggests

perccalc 1.0.3 2018-08-24

Bug fixes

  • The dataset in the vignette was causing problems because it was being downloaded from the web. Changed to static dataset.

perccalc 1.0.2 2018-07-18

  • Maintenance release to update broom dependency to breaking changes

perccalc 1.0.1 2018-03-30

  • Release