Data science

How long should I wait for my bike?: This is a series of posts in which I set up a private server and interact with the Barcelona public bicycle system API. I’ve performed analysis of waiting times and I plan to add a live predictive model of waiting time for stations.

Analyzing “How I Met Your Mother”: In this blog post I scraped and analyzed the scripts of the American TV series “How I Met Your Mother”.

R packages

opendataes: (Github, Pkg website) Interact with the API

sqpr: (Github) Access the SQP API and adjust your estimations for measurement error

perccalc (CRAN, Github): An implementation of two functions that estimate values for percentiles from an ordered categorical variable as described by Reardon (2011, isbn:978-0-87154-372-1).

essurvey (CRAN, Github, Pkg website): Download data from the European Social Survey directly into R from their website

cimentadaj (Github): My personal package


My PISA twitter bot: I programmed a Twitter bot that tweets graphs from the PISA database. How did I do it? See here and follow @DailyPISA_Facts

Educational Inequality around the world: Visualize educational inequality for over 70 countries from 2000 to 2015 using this Shinyapp.

I completed all solutions to the R for Data Science book. Solutions can be found here

I translated some Stata code to R for the The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and was featured on their website.

Teaching R

  • In April 2016, together with Bruno Arpino and some colleagues from the RECSM, I organized a seminar series introducing R at Pompeu Fabra University. As part of the lectures I programmed some interactive lessons which can help get you started. These lessons assume that you have never used R and are self-standing lessons. Go to the Github repository: follow the instructions and you’ll be able to install everything and follow the courses. Note: Ignore the first lesson since it was a live presentation.

  • I gave a short course at Pompeu Fabra University introducing the tidyverse. I uploaded the syllabus online (program, slides and exercises) in my Github.

  • I gave a talk at PyData 2017 to introduce the tidyverse to follow data analysts. If you’re interested, I uploaded the material in my Github.

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