The ess package

Jorge Cimentada

ess package

The philosophy of the ess package is very simple

“Concentrate on your analysis rather than on searching for information”

It fits with the general idea of obtaining data within R from packages such as:

For a very cool compendium of 'data packages' see the series of posts by my good friend Ilya Kashnitsky

ess package

It aims to fix four broad problems:

  • It's often difficult to keep track of all country/rounds/themes available in the ESS

  • It's even trickier to find which countries participated in which rounds

  • It's cumbersome to download/redownload data to search for variables

  • Avoid leaving your 'analysis phase' to search for information

ess package


ess package

There two family of functions

  • ess_* functions download data
    • Always return a list

  • show_* functions retrieve information from the ess website
    • Always return information as vectors

Downloading rounds

  • show_rounds() returns the rounds available in the ess website

  • ess_rounds() downloads the rounds available in the ess website
    • ess_rounds(4:5, "")

  • ess_all_rounds() downloads all rounds available by default
    • ess_all_rounds("")

Downloading country rounds

  • show_country() returns the countries available that participated in at least one wave

  • show_country_rounds() returns the rounds for which a country participated in

  • ess_country() downloads specific rounds for a given country
    • ess_country("Spain", 1:2, "")

  • ess_all_cntrounds() downloads all available rounds for a given country
    • ess_all_cntrounds("Spain", "")

Live example

Let’s code!

Download code

Roadmap for the ess package

  • show_themes() and it's family

  • Download ess_* for the SDDF data

  • Download the data also in SPSS format

  • Develop a complementary package to interact with the codebook and survey analyze the ESS data

  • Add your requests/feedback!

    • devtools::install_github("cimentadaj/ess")

Future of the ess packages

Develop a small ecosystem of packages to analyze the ESS data easily